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Fasting-Eid Loans, Alleged Money Politic Mode Ahead of PSU

Fasting-Eid Loans, Alleged Money Politic Mode Ahead of PSU

Money politics or political action ahead of the PSU (re-election) is suspected to have started. The mode is soft loans for the Eid fasts.

M Nazli, a young man from Muaro Jambi, revealed that he had received information from several sources about this soft loan mode. However, his party is still looking for the truth and complete evidence regarding the money politics information.

"It's just information, now it's being explored. If true, this is not very good for democratic maturity. This is a fraudulent act, "said M Nazli, to the media, Thursday (15/4/2021).

According to him, his party continues to investigate the allegations of money politics by one of the candidate pair candidates. If you get evidence and witnesses, the perpetrator will be dragged to the authorities.

"As promised by the Police Chief, the money politic actors will be arrested and exposed in the media. So we will continue to pursue this information, "he explained.

Separately, a member of the Jambi Province Bawaslu commissioner, Fachrul Rozi, admitted that he had not received any information regarding the money political mode in the form of soft loans.

"We will look for the information, if we find it is clear that we will process it according to the provisions of the legislation," said Paul - greeting Fachrul Rozi -.(*)

Source : Jambi Seru