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How to Top Up Free Fire Easily

How to Top Up Free Fire Easily

Free Fire is not just an ordinary battle royale game where 50 players will be placed on a stranded island and kill each other.

In this game developed by Garena, there are many items that can be used to customize your avatar (in-game character, red) to the battlefield such as costumes, weapon skins, skins, and pets.

These items can be said to be a form of personalization for a player. To get all that, players are required to have diamonds. Diamond is the unit of payment in this game.

However, this diamond is not given for free in the game. Players must pay the desired number of diamonds by topping up.

Here's how to top up Free Fire diamonds:

Enter the Garena Free Fire game.

Click the diamond icon at the top of the screen.

Then several top up options will appear on the screen.

Select the number of diamonds you want to buy.

Then select the payment method you want to use.

(For example, BCA Virtual Account)

Complete the payment After a successful payment, the diamonds will be added to your account.

After the diamond top up process has been successful, the items mentioned earlier can be purchased and used immediately on the battlefield. (Red)