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It's fun to watch free movies at Hotstar Disney

Disney Hotstar 

Currently there are many legal movie streaming sites available. But the excitement of watching free movies on the Hotstar Disney application is unmatched until now.

After trying several movie streaming applications, the editorial team concluded that the free movie watching application that deserves to be recommended is Disney Hotstar.

Whether western, Indian, Korean, or Indonesian films, there are many that are available for free or don't have to pay. You only need to register as a member by entering your cellphone number on the Hotstar + application, then ta ... daaaa ... the latest and old movies can be accessed directly.

All the films that are available to watch for free are absolutely free. Online cinema with a low-cost concept and high image quality has been successfully implemented by Hotstar.

In addition, to become a permanent member, you also don't need to spend inside. Relatively cheap. Only Rp. 199 thousand per year and Rp. 39 thousand per month.

Look, cheap enough, right?

"A month of Rp. 39 thousand, cheaper than buying two packs of cigarettes," said Walter, a Jambi resident member of the Hotstar Disney movie streaming application, recently.

According to him, the free facility to watch online cinema films was obtained after registering as a member.

"Free until a certain time limit. After that, yes, of course pay. Cook want to continue to be free, don't you give film people if everything is free," said Walter, again.

Meanwhile, Doni, another movie streaming lover, also admits that until now, Disney Hotstar is unmatched.

"The problem is that I have just used this application which I am quite satisfied with. If there are many conditions, it continues to be expensive," he said.

He admitted that as long as he was a member of Disney Hotstar, there were no significant obstacles until now.

Moreover, the films offered are indeed selected films. Both the latest films and old or old films.

"Anyway, I am satisfied using Hotstar. Maybe I will become a permanent member like this," added Doni, again.

Asked what online cinema-watching site applications he has tried besides Hotstar, he admitted that there were quite a few.

"I have tried streaming Netflix, iflix, RCTI plus and even Bioskoponlie com, but it's better to use Hotstar," he concluded.

For information, since LK21, Rebahin, Ganol to Indoxxi have been blocked by Kominfo, seekers to watch and download free films have lost their place. Moreover, at that time, movie streaming sites and applications mostly applied relatively high rates to access existing films. (*)